Top 10 Things High Value Men Do

Close up of a man’s face as he yells.
Photo by Dmitry Vechorko on Unsplash
  1. Argue that if females want equality, men should be allowed to hit them.
  2. Talk about how helping out around the house is for simps.
  3. Explore the biology behind the fact that females just aren’t funny.
  4. Lust after “pure” 17 year old females because nothing’s more arousing than a child with no sexual experience.
  5. Assure females with degrees that their points are valid because they’ve
    “done the research” too — i.e. Googled it.
  6. Blame stupid females for getting themselves killed because they ran alone at night, walked alone at night, drank alone at a bar, yelled back at a catcaller, wore a tight dress or generally existed.
  7. Claim that disliking fat females is just a preference, but preferring a man be 6-feet tall is misandry.
  8. Ask you to explain how racism and patriarchy could still be a thing when Oprah exists.
  9. Run straight into the point and completely miss it.
  10. Start a podcast.



Your friendly neighborhood leftist socialist feminist.

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